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It's me Marcel. I'm the programmer and founder of doa-x.com and the doax online sheet. And I'm a passionate DOA gamer. I want to collect all the swimsuits even I will get no trophy for it. But there are a lot of them. That's why I'm starting to organize myself. In the past years when DOAX2 was the actual DOAX game title I programmed a VBA Macro for Microsoft Office 2003. But with newer releases of office it getting more and more incompatible. I made a lot of improvements. Wrote almost 10.000 lines of code. Version 8 was the last version and the project was abandoned by myself. Now in 2016 I have the knowledge to make an online sheet. And I want to share it with all the passionate DOAX gamers.

I need your help. There are a lot of swimsuits I don't know the preference of each girl. Some of the owner swimsuits I haven't unlocked yet and I'm not able provide the images at the moment. It would be awesome to get some support from the community. Please provide me the screens of the missing images. How it works? Use the PS4 share button to make a screenshot, save to USB-drive and upload to an image hoster of your choice. To get the best quality make sure your share setting is set to save as PNG*. Please tweet me the image URL and preference information using the hashtag #supportDOAXProject. I will try to update as soon as possible.

You are invited to use this service for free. You will find all the swimsuits and Items. After registration you can save your own user collection and share your progress with others. Hope you will like it and may find it helpful. Happy collecting!

Best Marcel

*Tap on the Share button of the DualShock 4 controller > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format > PNG.



A summary of all user collections

Girls Ranking

1. Kasumi 12.01%
2. Honoka 11.82%
3. Marie 11.54%
4. Momiji 11.16%
5. Hitomi 11.12%
6. Ayane 11.09%
7. Helena 10.59%
8. Nyotengu 10.38%
9. Kokoro 10.29%

Owner Ranking

1. Sr_Redfield 100.28%
2. GusUK88 74.32%
3. Striker8472 68.95%
4. Theedark 68.75%
5. Dkvarvar 66.92%
6. Havill 65.86%
7. Kittenish 61.49%
8. JBKing88 60.10%
9. SairentoZon721 58.45%


Our Users ...

Created Collections 538
Learned Poses 909
Collected Swimsuits 5048
Collected Items 2261
Purchased Swimsuits 3564
Purchased Items 1413
Spend Z-Dollars as Girl 48,517,612,380
Spend Z-Dollars as Owner 46,703,317,000
Total spend Zack Dollars 95,220,929,380


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to support the project. But remember it's a one men show. So please be patient and stay tuned.

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