Easy to Start


One of the fastest and easiest ways to organise your DOAX3 collection and start playing with it. DOA-X.com provides unique mechanism of inserting your data directly and calculate your current progress. Just few steps and and your collection is here.

Step 1. Create an account

Go to doa-x.com homepage and click button "Sign up". Fill out the form and submit.

Step 2. Go Inside

After your registration you are ready to start your DOAX collection. Login and Go Inside to start.



Input your Data


When you are inside you will see the DOAX3 item table. To enter your data just click on the cell you want. A dropdown menu should appear. The options depend on the current status.

Status Empty


Status Purchased

Status Collected

Unknown Preference

Help each other is what we want. If you find a cell with unknown preference feel free to share your knowledge and set the prefence using the dropdown options.



Meaning of Colors


The tables below explaining the meaning of the colors used in the item table.

Color Column Meaning
  Name Kasumi's Collection
  Name Momiji's Collection
  Name Hitomi's Collection
  Name Helena's Collection
  Name Marie's Collection
  Name Honoka's Collection
  Name Nyotengu's Collection
  Name Kokoro's Collection
  Name Ayane's Collection
  Name Owner's Collection (original content)
  Name Owner's Collection (Swimsuit Sets)
  Name Items
  Name Colector's DLC Swimsuits



Color Column Meaning
  Girl Preference: Loves It
  Girl Preference: Likes It
  Girl Preference: Indifferent
  Girl Preference: Dislikes It
  Girl Preference: Hates It
  Girl Preference: Unknown
  Girl No Preference (Collectable)
  Girl No Preference (not Collectable)


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