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Maybe you have already discovered that not all information are present. Some missing images, a lot of missing preferences. I hope to get a bit help from the community. That means from YOU! Together we are stronger. So lets try to gather all missing information to complete the project. Registered users are able to set preferences.

When you want to provide me the screens of the missing images. Use the PS4 share button to make a screenshot, save to USB-drive and upload to an image hoster of your choice. To get the best quality make sure your share setting is set to save as PNG. How to get screens as PNG? Tap on the Share button of the DualShock 4 controller > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format > PNG.

Please tweet me the image URL and preference information using the hashtag #supportDOAXProject. You can use the twitter button on the right side or the contact form below. 

The boxes below contain all items which need support. Click on the item link to navigate to the Item View. I will try to update all submitted information as soon as possible. THANKS FOR YA SUPPORT! <3

Items with incomplete Preference Information

Items without an image



If you want to support the project you can donate directly by using the Paypal button. Thanks a lot.

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