Hope never dies

  • Please Team Ninja re-release the swimsuit set #1!!!!!!!!


24th May 2018

  • Added articles imprint and privacy policy
  • modified cookie law popup
  • modified contact form added checkbox with privacy policy


23rd May 2018

  • activated ssl. Protocoll is now https
  • Button "Register" renamed to "Sign up"
  • Template default color is now "Ayane"


12th May 2017

  • some bug fixes


27th February 2017

  • added tag links to the item view
  • fixed some incorrect strings in language files
  • some bug fixes


19th February 2017

  • added a filter menu for categories with multible origins
  • rearranged the list content
  • some bug fixes


17th February 2017

  • the menu "Items" is now linked to an items only list
  • modified mod_doaxstats to apply the changes
  • some bug fixes


16th February 2017

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 22 - Salmon Roe swimsuits
  • some bug fixes


14th February 2017

  • added options "learned" and "not learned yet" to ticket items
  • optimized font resizing for long item names
  • optimized font resizing for japanese item names
  • optimized the tool tip design (again)


11th February 2017

  • created ajax doaxitem search module
  • added origin information to item tool tips
  • added category information to item tool tips for pose cards
  • added category information for pose card search
  • added row highlighting in table view for search results
  • optimized the tool tip design
  • some bug fixes


2nd February 2017

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 21 - For You swimsuits
  • some bug fixes


19th January 2017

  • added page "Swimsuit Sets" 
  • rearranged the "inside" main menu items
  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 20 - Ocean Sunfish swimsuits
  • stickty table header will only be active when the table contains more than 18 rows


17th January 2017

  • added keyboard support in itemview - use arrow keys left and right for previous and next item
  • the preference images in the itemview are now linked to the girl pages 


12th January 2017

  • fixed wrong statistics in mod_supportitems and mod_projectstats for unpublished doaxitems
  • fixed wrong statistics in mod_doaxstats, mod_girlstatistics and mod_ownerranking 


6th January 2017

  • as long as Team Ninja will not re-release the swimsuit set #1 - the whirlwind swimsuits will no longer count to the Owners Collection (so everyone can reach 100%)
  • modified mod_doaxstats, mod_girlstatistics and mod_ownerranking to apply the changes
  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 19 - Sea Anemones swimsuits


30th December 2016

  • added new feature sticky table head. The table header will stay on a fixed position when scrolling down
  • some performance improvements to increase website speed


28th December 2016

  • item links on girl pages, page "support us" and in module "Top Rated Items" will now direct you to the collections or item categories
  • removed error page for 404 error. 404 will now redirected to "Home"


22nd December 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 18 - Santa Claus swimsuits


18th December 2016

  • added girls select page
  • added girl pages with all mission relevant information
  • added item tooltips on girl pages
  • added item tooltips on page "support-us"
  • added redirect links to point old urls to new ones
  • created new modules "swimsuits", "items" & "posecards" for girlpages
  • fixed links in japanese mainmenu on startpage
  • fixed links for items on page "support-us"
  • changed links to make them shorter and more sef like
  • changed targed links in module girls ranking to new girl pages
  • some code and css improvements
  • optimized graphics and reuploaded them for better page performance
  • Performace grade improved from 69 to 93 out of 100 points


8th December 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 17 - Biscuit swimsuits
  • Optimized pagespeed
  • fixed side menu Swinsuits. Submenu will appear left on smaller screens


24th November 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 16 - Clinic swimsuits


22nd November 2016

  • relocated language switch to the toolbar
  • girls ranking module is now based on absolute counts of each girl
  • fixed url links in girls ranking module


15th November 2016

  • optimized mobile layout for phone and tablet
  • optimized layout for screens smaller than 1920px


10th November 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 15 - Clione swimsuits
  • added version 1.12 content - Secret Key


8th November 2016

  • finally found a solution to fix the table view in safari browsers on MacOS


5th November 2016

  • fixed an issue with main menu in mobile layout
  • completed japanese translation for doaxcollection component and modules
  • item urls are now sef urls
  • reorgaized preference database for a better result when sorting girl columns
  • some layout improvements 


27th October 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 14 - Scallops and Pistachio swimsuits
  • started japanese beta http://doa-x.com/jp/
  • prepared doax-database to improve sef urls for doax items


22nd October 2016

  • fixed module Posecards works not correct in item view
  • fixed font-size for item names longer than 32 characters in item view
  • removed preference information in item view for items without preferences
  • added unlock information to item view
  • added swimsuit set link to the content image for swimsuit set swimwear in item view
  • added module "Posecards" to collection view


14th October 2016

  • added "KEIJO!!!!!!!!" Collaboration Swimsuit Set
  • added menu Swimsuits(DLC)
  • added Designer Special Award Swimsuit (Kasumi)
  • fixed font-size for item names longer than 32 characters


13th October 2016

  • added unlock level (Owner & Excitement) and unlock conditions
  • added new column "lvl"
  • added tool tips for column "lvl" with unlock information
  • removed column "location" and replaced with "origin"
  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 13 - Asari and Mummy swimsuits
  • update history is now ordered by "Newest first"


29th September 2016

  • added version 1.11 content - new Pose Cards
  • added module "Learned Poses" to site "Posecards"
  • added new options "Learned" and "Not learned yet" for pose cards
  • Users can now track their learned poses


21st September 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 12 - Lazy Morning and Illusion swimsuits
  • added missing Owner Item "Silver Fan"
  • Edited Item View


9th September 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 11 - Mills' Mess and Sweety swimsuits
  • added Item Type and menu "Owner Items"
  • added Item Type and menu "Pose Cards"
  • added menu "Swimsuit Sets" to Owner's Collection
  • added version 1.10 content - Pose Cards
  • added swimsuit attributes malfunction, destructible and indestructible
  • Some code and css cleaning
  • rebuid doaxcollection database to carry pose card categories and translateion variables
  • created language file for EN and JP item names


12th August 2016

  • prepared owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 10 - Sandwich and Decuple swimsuits
  • fixed item sort order


10th August 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 9 - Wild and Innocence swimsuits
  • added version 1.09 content - Jet Black Fan


28th July 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 8 - Puff and Waffle


20th July 2016

  • added information for re-released paid dlc
  • fixed some issues with unpublished items in statistics modules


14th July 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 7 - Bamboo Shoot and Aroma swimsuits
  • added version 1.08 content - figurines in owner shop
  • added DOAFes2016 swimsuits
  • added some missing images


12th July 2016

  • fixed table style for chrome browsers


5th July 2016

  • fixed an error that user can insert items with userid 0
  • fixed default sort order after importing Swimsuit #Set 6


3rd July 2016

  • added article "tool tips"
  • added article "item information"
  • added article "statistics"
  • added navigation module for new articles
  • reorganised module postitions for new articles and modules


2nd July 2016

  • moved the top rated items module to the item view
  • added ajax support for top rated items module
  • added article "ajax support & more ..."
  • added article "how it works"
  • added article "girl styles"
  • added module "girl styles"
  • added user submitted images
  • updated article links in section "features"


30th June 2016

  • updated owners collection with Swimsuits #Set 6 - Labyrinth and Popcorn swimsuits
  • fixed contact form layout on FAQ page
  • added section icons on "Home"
  • added "Swimsuits #Set 6" to the content information


29th June 2016

  • added session message to prompt when user session will expire
  • fixed the "Available until:" date when content have no expire date


28th June 2016

  • fixed problem with shared usercollections and main menu
  • fixed a module cache problem when open up another users collection
  • fixed a problem with the contact form submission target mail
  • changed the twitter sharing url for #MyDOAXCollection button to apply the changes
  • added module "owner ranking"
  • added complete owner ranking list of all user collections
  • some code cleaning


24th June 2016

  • swimsuits only purchaseable with tickets will no longer count to the Owners Collection (so everyone can reach 100%)
  • added input for dlc swimsuits (will not count to the collections so everyone can reach 100%)
  • added input for missing preferences for registered users
  • added module "project statistics"


22nd June 2016

  • fixed Module "top rated items". Was showing wrong average rating
  • fixed color links in Module "top rated items" when using color style "kasumi"
  • fixed problem with data input when trying to change an item to discard etc ...
  • added 1,298 preferences


20th June 2016

  • Finally online

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